Images and words

We come to art therapy with stories about our lives – verbal stories that have become a narrative that we believe in. While these stories are true, they are only part of the truth. As we start to explore the images associated with these stories, or evoked by those stories, we discover new ways of thinking about our lives. Given paint, clay, and a supportive setting, our hands seem to have a lot to add to our history. The imagery that arises doesn’t usually contradict our old reality, but often gives it a new context. With that fresh perspective comes surprising insight and a sense of new possibilities.

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"The gift of an image is that it provides a place to watch your soul...."

- James Hillman

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Who uses art therapy

People come to art therapy for a variety of reasons. Those facing loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, or addiction have often found relief and courage through their imagery. Others, working on their relationships, exploring their dreams, or seeking renewed meaning and creativity in their lives have found the depth of art therapy effective and surprising.

Where to begin

I am a registered art therapist offering private sessions for women, men, adolescents and children for 22 years. All art materials are provided, and no training or skill is needed. Sessions last sixty to seventy five minutes, with a pay scale flexible according to need. Small group workshops and continuing men's groups are occassionaly offered. Evening sessions are available, and victim's assistance claims are covered through both the Worker's Compensation Board Criminal Injuries and the Residential Historical Abuse Program. Please call if you have any questions about art therapy and the services I provide.


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About art therapy

In art therapy images often begin with feelings,
dreams, memories, ideas or simply an urge to doodle. Clients may then use clay and paint to explore these beginnings by giving them a physical form. This creative play can provide a means of expression for that which has no words, or is not yet understood.

The art offers a deep sense of safety as it becomes a trusted place to consider these private images. Through these pictures and sculptures may come a kind of nourishment, healing insights, and a fresh respect for our creativity. Sometimes clients prefer to work in silence; other times a unique dialogue takes place. Beyond the session, the art work remains as a source of further reflection.

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